Simple & Comfy

Hiย beautiful!

I love this outfit so much because it’s simple and comfy, yet still cute as ever! I wear this look often, and you can too! It’s an easy look to accomplish. ๐Ÿ™‚


Honestly, a whole lot of running around town. My flightย to Texas is tomorrow, so I’ve been busy preparing my luggage, grabbing last minute travel size toiletries, cleaning house, and visiting with family.


Longer, Fitted Crop Top– I was definitely not feeling the bloat (thanks to my Uncorked Detox, healthy eating, and my morning run) so I decided to show off my fit little tummy. When I know that I will be wearing short shorts, I usually go with a longer crop top vs. a shorter one that would show more belly. This way, I feel comfortable and modest, while still showing off my figure.

Long Sleeve Button Up- Around my waste! I love this look for a few reasons. 1) It adds another layer to my outfit, making it a little less basic. 2) I don’t have to worry about pulling down my short shorts cause my rump is clearly covered. 3) If I do get a little chilly through out the day, while in the store or wherever, I’m set up for success! I pull it over my shoulders instead and the outfit is still just as cute!

Jessica Simpson Sandals- I’ve worn these babies out! They are one of my favorite pairs of sandals (I think I’ve worn them since Junior year lol). They are easy to just slip right on and run out the door. Yet, they are detailed and fashionable. Not to mention they go with everything, so it looks like I spent a little more time matching my outfit together than I actually did!


Necklace-ย Nordstrom Rack

Crop Top- Pac Sun

Denim Shorts- Flying Monkey

Button Up- Ambercrombie & Fitch

Sandals- Jessica Simpson



*Key Words: Fits, Outfits, Fashion, Clothes, Style, Comfy, Simple, Tutorial


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