Spunky & Sassy






Hi sweet beautiful one!

So, I’m mildly obsessed with this outfit. It’s the perfect combination: spunky and a little bit sassy. I literally threw it together real quick one morning, and loved it!


Worked! I work in an office. I’m an Executive Assistant at Uncorked Wellness (btw, these products changed my life!) We have customers all over the country, and many worldwide, so I spend most of my time speaking with them over the phone or via email. Therefor, I don’t have to wear professional clothes every day! I also ran some errands at the end of my shift and stopped by the mall for more goodies that I can’t wait to wear. 🙂


High-Top Studded Converse– I found these babies on sale and I absolutely love them! I had been wanting a pair of white high-tops, so of course was so excited when I found these! I was a little unsure about the studs, but I actually love the uniqueness they bring to any outfit. [ Forget being basic 😉 ]

Distressed Flannel– Around my waste, again! Ya’ll know I love this look. Any chance I get to wear this flannel, I take it! It is so soft and comfy. Plus, its neutral colors match almost anything. I got it a size bigger than I usually wear, because I prefer the more “laid back” look it gives. Also, the back says “New York”, and has acid stains.. could it be any more perfect?

BRACHA Bracelet & EarringsBRACHA jewelry is my fav, they kill it every time. First time wearing this pretty bracelet. Its super natural amber tones with gold accents spiced up this outfit perfectly. …And these earrings, let’s talk about them please! The crystal and gemstone combo make these pieces flattering and spunky all at once. (If you want to shop BRACHA now, my discount code for you is “Corbin1o” ❤ )


“Native Dangles” EarringsBRACHA (Discount Code: Corbin10)

Tank top– Styles for Less

Shorts– American Eagle

(Distressed) Flannel– Buckle

“Awaken” Bracelet– BRACHA (Discount Code: Corbin10)

Studded Converse– TJ Maxx



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