Honey, Cinnamon.. Yum!


So I know i’m not the only one who gets a sweet tooth, or late night cravings.. or both at once! I am known to have both of these things, and in the past I’ve always just given in and binged on what-ever-the-heck I wanted. BUT, I now have a new method.

I love to create and try new things, so one night (of course a “craving night” we can call it) I decided to see what I could throw together. Something that would be yummy, curve the craving, but healthy too! And not so full of refined, crappy, sugars.

So, I looked in the pantry. Popcorn! Light, unsalted, unbuttered, organic popcorn. “I’ll pop some of that up.” Honey. “Oh honey, how I love to drizzle you on everything.” Done. “Oh, wait..” Cinnamon! A dash of that will do.. “okay, maybe a little more.”


This popcorn was de-lish. It was like a version of kettle corn i’d never had before. To be honest, it’s become a go to “craving night” snack. And the best part is, it’s so simple to make!

Literally all you need:

Popcorn of your choice

Honey of your liking

Cinnamon, but not too much

Enjoy! xo

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