Curly Hair Tutorial ( My Step by Step Routine)

Hi Curly Girl!

My styling process has never been so easy and I want to share it with you! In the video attached, I’ll walk you through my step by step routine and provide a few fun tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. I hope all my fellow Curly Girls find this video helpful and that it inspires you to embrace your curls! (Below you will find an outline of my step by step routine!)

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Always: As soon as you get out of the shower, ring your hair out really well, comb your hair with your fingers, run a bit of conditioner through all of your hair- focusing mainly on the ends- and throw it up in a tight bun.

1. Diffuser Process- If your hair is still wet when you take it out of your bun (if you shower in the morning or if you have long curls) this will be your first step

  • First, work your diffuser through the bottom layer of your hair, focusing on lengthening the curl by pulling the curl down rather than scrunching the curl up
  • Then, move to the top layer of your hair and now start scrunching with your diffuser! Scrunching the top curls will create volume (and who doesn’t want volume?!)
  • Finally, focus on the front pieces of hair that surround your face and your roots. (Comb through them with your fingers while you hair is still wet to prevent frizz.) Use your diffuser at a cool temperature, scrunch, and dry those babies up

2. Raking (Lengthen & Define) – If your hair is almost (or completely) dry when you take it out of your bun, you will come straight to this step. (You can also do this after the diffuser process)

  • Must: pour a quarter size amount of conditioner into your spray bottle, fill 1/4 the bottle with water, mix it up really well (no clumps of conditioner in our hair!)
  • Start with the bottom layer: focus on defining and lengthening your curl by pulling, scrunching,  and twirling
  • Then repeat this step with all of the curls that need attention (I usually rake through the bottom and front sections of my hair- leaving the back alone)
  • Air dry! (This is the best way to dry after the raking process, going back through with a diffuser will create frizz) So, air dry, air dry, air dry!

I hope you find these steps helpful! If you have feed back or questions, shoot me an email on the contact page or DM on Instagram. Sending so much love to you!


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